Studio Etiquette

We are delighted you chose BPY.

Please check in at the front desk and leave your shoes and personal belongings in the cubbies. No shoes or cell phones are allowed in the yoga or massage rooms. 

Please arrive on time for your class or massage. Arriving late will interrupt the flow of class and may result in a shortened appointment time. 

Practice with care and consideration towards yourself and others. Respect your limits. Acknowledge that your body and mind will feel different every day; listen to what your body tells you and practice in your own time following your own breath. BPY does not play music in any of its yoga classes. Krishnamacharya taught that we should rely on our own internal resources whenever possible, so our teachers will guide you to observe your body, breath, and mind, as the cadence to your own practice.

Our instructors and massage therapists are highly trained professionals and may offer suggestions on safe alignment, stretches that may be beneficial, and/or hands-on adjustments during class. We will always ask for your consent before hands-on adjustments – and you may refuse at any time.

Place props back where you found them and if you borrow a studio mat, please clean it after class with our cleaning solution or wipe it down with a disinfectant wipe; then lay it on the drying rack so others may be able to use a clean mat at a later time.

Thank you for following our studio etiquette. Being respectful to one another and our space, ensures that everyone has a positive experience with BPY.

BPY believes inclusion, diversity, equity, and access are essential to sharing our yoga practice and massage therapy skills with you.

Come as you are, we can’t wait to see you. ❤️