Yoga Over 50

As we age, it becomes more and more important to build strength and flexibility in order to maintain healthy joints and bones. We can’t stop the aging process, but we can manage many aspects of it. A regular yoga practice can build and maintain your strength, flexibility and balance – all critical aspects to wellness at any age.

Join Linda and Lynn Monday through Friday from 10am – 11am for a gentle introduction to yoga. Teachers help students work from their own level of flexibility, strength and balance. Classes will cover basic yoga poses that form the foundations of a yoga practice. Bring an open mind, a body ready to stretch, and a sense of humor.

“There are so many benefits to yoga that it’s difficult to determine what is most valuable to me, but the best thing I receive from my yoga practice is the confidence to be myself and accept myself as I am. As an un-athletic woman who started practicing yoga in her mid-50’s, I can truly say that yoga has made me stronger both mentally and physically. In the four years since starting yoga, I am more patient with myself and others and more easy-going than I was before starting yoga. I am also much more flexible and I even stand taller -I actually grew a quarter of an inch in height! I am confident these things would not have occurred if I hadn’t started practicing yoga. My only regret is that I waited so long in my life to do so. “
D, age 56

“I love coming to Blue Point Yoga where I can still work on my balance and socialize with new friends.”
L, age 87

*Zoom class registration closes 2 hours before the start of class