Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga can be practiced throughout pregnancy. Yoga helps to strengthen the body in preparation for birth. It also provides the pregnant individual with breathing and focusing exercises that will help during labor. Pregnancy is about connection – the connection between your baby and yourself, yourself and your body, and the connection between all the members of your family. Nurture those connections by deepening your awareness of your changing body and the new life you are growing inside of you. Pregnancy brings a greater awareness of your own body, and yoga helps to alleviate some of the physical discomforts that come with pregnancy. Swollen feet and ankles, low back soreness, and calf spasms can all be alleviated through a mindful yoga practice.

Our prenatal classes are warm and inviting and our instructors are well-trained and knowledgeable. Each prenatal class begins with introductions. You will meet other people who are experiencing the journey of pregnancy with you. Close bonds are formed and the classes have a warm, community feel to them as a result. After introductions, you can expect to move through a gentle sequence of warm-up stretches, standing poses, restorative poses and breathing exercises.

No previous yoga experience is needed for prenatal yoga. In fact, many people come to yoga for the first time when they are pregnant, encouraged by their doctor or midwife to try it out.

Please note that our prenatal classes are taught in studio only and are for pregnant individuals of any gender. Pregnant individuals of any gender identity are always welcome in all of our prenatal classes and events.

Registration is required for prenatal yoga due to high demand.

“Thank you to Casey and Andrea for your wonderful prenatal yoga classes. I used so many of the poses and breathing techniques you taught throughout my labor! The one in particular that I used through my contractions was the “horse lips” which I know everyone giggles about doing in class, but I am here to say it WORKS!” Anne L, Durham

About Your Instructors

Andrea’s (she/her) passion is to support women along their motherhood journeys, so they can embody and embrace the transformation with strength and power. she was introduced to yoga as a teenager and has been practicing ever since, adapting and evolving her practice through her pregnancies and as a mom. teaching prenatal yoga combines her deep love and fascination with both yoga and pregnancy. she completed a 500 hour yoga teacher training with the late esther myers in 2004 and prenatal teacher trainings with stephanie keach in 2004 and janice clarfield in 2010. since 2001 andrea has been supporting couples as a birth doula, and brings this unique perspective to her yoga teaching. her prenatal yoga classes focus on postures and exercises that emphasize the breath and relaxation, flexibility and strengthening of muscle groups that are specific to pregnancy and childbirth. her goal is to help pregnant women create strength, energy and balance in their bodies and lives so they can have a fulfilling and joyful experience of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. andrea teaches prenatal yoga, is a birth and postpartum doula, and a holistic health coach. she is currently immersed in the joys and challenges of mothering her two beautiful children, miles and zella.

Casey (she/her) (E-RYT200) (RPYT) (YACEP) is an Experienced Registered Vinyasa and Prenatal Yoga Teacher and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider. She has trained under Andrea Dixon, Sara Doyle, Richard Fabio, Joe Taft, Shala Worsley and is currently embarking on her 300-hour advanced yoga teacher training through Asheville Yoga Center. You may also know Casey as one of BPY’s studio owners. When Casey moved to durham in 2015, she didn’t realize how much yoga (bpy specifically) would change her life. over time yoga helped her lose weight, lowered both her cholesterol and blood pressure, and mourn the loss of both her dad in 2017 and her mom in 2021. casey’s classes are filled with playful poses, quiet stillness, and observing the breath and body. you’ll often hear her say, “just keep breathing,” or “find your breath,” which are mantras she uses to help center herself during challenging times or poses.

Both Andrea and Casey carry the registered prenatal yoga teacher designation through yoga alliance. They have each completed at least one 200-hour yoga teacher training, one 85-hour prenatal yoga teacher training, and have taught at least 30 hours of prenatal yoga.