About Us

For more than 10 years, Blue Point Yoga has been a growing, thriving community. We’re a part of Durham and at our heart, we’re a local group of people who believe in changing lives through yoga and mindfulness.

We know the power that yoga has to change lives because it’s changed ours. Everyone on our team is passionate about yoga, mindfulness, and the effects yoga and meditation can have on our health and well-being. This passion for wellness runs through everything we do, whether we’re teaching classes, providing massage, answering your questions, or taking you to that next level with teacher trainings.

Our team is led by our studio owners Casey Therrien and Matt Wolff. Casey received her yoga teacher training and mentorship from Blue Point Yoga’s former owner and Duke Anatomy faculty member, Sara Doyle, PhD.  Much of what we do at BPY is rooted in an understanding of anatomy and functional movement. We are interested in the real effects of yoga and teaching you how your body works. To that end, please note that BPY does not play music in any of its yoga classes. Krishnamacharya taught that we should rely on our own internal resources whenever possible, so our teachers will guide you to observe your body, breath, and mind, as the cadence to your own practice. 

When it comes to our team, we treat our experienced teachers and knowledgeable staff with respect, ensuring they are treated fairly and compensated fully for their talent and expertise. And when it comes to you, we make sure there is always someone at the front desk to answer your questions and help you find the best classes for your individual practice.

We do all of these things because at Blue Point Yoga, we believe you deserve a yoga studio where you feel welcome and where you can leave feeling enriched. With offerings for you and your entire family, we’re ready to grow with you. We hope that you will come and share your practice with us soon.