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Thoughtful birthing: mindfulness- and evidence-based childbirth education


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As expecting parents, you know there is a lot of information out there. At BPY, we stay on the forefront of medical information, and give you information you can use in making decisions about your labor and delivery. Our experienced teachers incorporate yoga, mindfulness, massage and breathing techniques to teach practices and tools that can be drawn upon during labor, birth and postpartum. We welcome all families and individuals and are LGBTQ+ friendly. We’d love to be a part of your journey towards parenthood.


Topics covered will include:

Becoming Parents

Stages of labor

Potential interventions

Options for your birthing environment - care provider, doula

Packing your hospital/birth center bag

Birth plan / preferences

Anatomy and physiology of pregnancy

Comfort measures for labor

How labor can begin

Life after Birth - planning for postpartum


What past participants have to say:


Very informative and helpful class! I liked the format of meeting once a week for several weeks—this gave us an opportunity to get to know other participants a bit. My husband and I took another childbirth class that was just a weekend long and we did not walk away feeling like we knew any other parents to be, which was a lovely bonus for this class. The instructors are all clearly very knowledgeable and bring the varying aspects of childbirth education together really well, playing off of each others strengths. As a long-time yoga practitioner, I loved the emphasis on mindful birthing and natural comfort measures but this was by no means to the exclusion of other options; everything was explored. My husband (not a yoga practitioner) enjoyed the class and found it to be helpful as well. Money and time well spent! —Melanie


The CBE class is wonderful! I enjoyed getting to know the other couples and felt so comfortable asking questions and learning in this environment. I used the breathing techniques and some of the pain management as well as the birth plan template. Not everything went according to plan, nothing ever does, but I was grateful for the strategies that we learned, mostly just to stay calm and reach the end result of a happy healthy baby. Thank you!! CC


January 6-week course

January 8 - February 12

Tuesdays 6pm-8:15pm

410 W. Geer St, $240

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Now enrolling:

Jan 8- Feb 12, 2018


410 W. Geer St.

Cost: $240 per couple

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Childbirth Education Class with Andrea Dixon at Blue Point Geer Street Next held on Tue, Jan 8, 2019 at 6:00 pm - 8:15 pm
This enrollment runs from Tue Jan 8, 2019 - Tue Feb 12, 2019
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Meet our esteemed CBE team:


Andrea Dixon, ERYT-500, RPYT, CD(DONA)

Andrea has been fascinated with pregnancy and childbirth since syncronistically attending the birth of a friend's son 22 years ago. She started teaching prenatal yoga in 2002, and has been supporting couples as a certified birth doula since 2001. Andrea is the Director of the Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training at Blue Point. She has 2 children (ages 8 & 13), and firmly believes that the gifts of prenatal childbirth education, yoga and mindfulness are the gifts that keep on giving throughout parenting. She loves being a part of parents lives as they prepare to welcome their babies, and aims to help couples feel more confident and connected as they embark on their parenting adventure.


Sara Doyle, PhD, ERYT-500

Sara's interest in pregnancy and childbirth stretches all the way back to her own pregnancy in 1995. In recent years, her interest has led her to prenatal yoga, childbirth education, and doula training. Her background is in anatomy and she leads the anatomy and physiology of birth segment of BPY's signature 85hr Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training. Her goal is to help to demystify pregnancy and childbirth so that pregnant individuals and their partners can make the best decisions for their families. Sara is trained in childbirth education through the International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA) and is a member of ICEA. She is also a DONA trained birth doula.


Abby Hardaway, PhD, RYT-200, RPYT

Abby has always been drawn to work with parents in the childbearing year because of the joyful and intense time that conception, pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood can be, which she experienced firsthand around the birth of her daughter in February 2016. Abby is a certified prenatal yoga instructor and has training as a childbirth educator and a PhD in biological sciences. As part of her day job, Abby writes about the science behind pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. She hopes that evidence-based education, realistic expectations, and support around pregnancy, birth, and new parenting will be empowering for pregnant people and their families.

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