Ember's "Fiery" Birth Story

I had tried almost every “natural” form of induction that I had heard. I was starting to think I was stuck pregnant. My original due date was November 4th. After having an early ultrasound, my due date was pushed back to November 28th. But I felt sure I’d have this baby before then. On November 8th, I started having signs and feelings that she was coming soon. Thanksgiving came and went; my due date came and went and at 41 weeks I really started to get nervous, I really didn’t want to be induced. Finally, at one week and two days past my due date, I had my membranes swept. The plan would be to come back the next day (Thursday) for another sweep and again on Friday. Then, if still pregnant, they would do a “midwife induction” on Saturday and, lastly, a hospital induction on Sunday. Read More