Teacher Training weekend 9 recap

This was the last weekend of teacher training for these wonderful students! It was a fun but busy weekend. On Friday night we talked about ethics as a yoga teacher. There are several ways in which we need to pay attention to ethical considerations. In no particular order, there are the ethics of the student/teacher relationship, the ethics of professionalism, and the ethics of knowing your limits as a yoga teacher. I like to tell the students that there are some things that should be obvious, but are not. For example, it should be obvious that a yoga teacher (who is not also a doctor) is not qualified to give medical advice. However, students will ask you all the time what they should do about various injuries. It's always important to listen to their concerns, ask if they're seeing a medical professional, and advise them against doing anything that aggravates their injury. But trying to diagnose or treat any condition is outside the realm of what a yoga teacher is qualified to do. Read More