Katelin Fallon

Katelin started practicing yoga her senior year of college. She played Division 1 soccer her freshman and sophomore years and was looking for something to help with chronic injuries and anxiety. She found yoga frustrating at first but her competitive nature and the improvement in her overall well being kept her coming back for more.
Eventually realizing yoga wasn’t about competition with others or even oneself, Katelin was able to begin to deepen her practice by trying a variety of different styles of yoga and meditations. In the fall of 2015, she decided to take her 200hr teacher training at Blue Point Yoga Center, Durham NC. She hoped it would help not only her personal practice but also her public speaking skills, with no real intention in becoming a yoga instructor. But she quickly realized how much she enjoyed teaching and after completing her teacher training in May of 2016 she immediately started teaching at Blue Point Yoga Center.
Katelin was born and raised in Durham, and though she’s lived in different states and countries, she keeps coming back to her hometown. She received her MS in Art and Design History from the Pratt Institute, is an avid art enthusiast, and is a fine artist trained in mosaic art, oil paint and watercolors. She also enjoys circuit training, biking, inferno pilates classes and pretty much anything that gets her moving.
Katelin’s personal practice and teaching style focuses on the use of mindfulness in every pose and through transitions. In her classes you can expect to hear comprehensive physical cues that will help you find proper alignment and also help you to modify the pose for your body that day. You’ll always have the choice to comfortably challenge yourself in each pose and to always listen to your body above anything else.

Katelin Fallon instructs the following:
  • Express Flow
  • This one hour flow class is similar to a flow level 2 class, but a slightly faster pace. Modifications will be offered for newer students. Great for yogis on a quick lunch break!

  • Flow Level 2

  • Express Flow
  • Yoga Express is a one-hour flow class for folks with limited yoga time! All levels are welcome.