Prenatal Partner Yoga

This class is taught by:

Andrea Dixon

Andrea Dixon's passion is to support women along their motherhood journeys, so they can embody and embrace the transformation with strength and power. She was introduced to yoga as a teenager and has been practicing ever since, adapting and evolving her practice through her pregnancies and as a mom. Teaching prenatal yoga combines her deep love and fascination with both yoga and pregnancy. She completed a 500 hour yoga teacher training with the late Esther Myers in 2004 and prenatal teacher trainings with Stephanie Keach in 2004 and Janice Clarfield in 2010. Since 2001 Andrea has been supporting couples as a birth doula, and brings this unique perspective to her yoga teaching. Her prenatal yoga classes focus on postures and exercises that emphasize the breath and relaxation, flexibility and strengthening of muscle groups that are specific to pregnancy and childbirth. Her goal is to help pregnant women create strength, energy and balance in their bodies and lives so they can have a fulfilling and joyful experience of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Andrea teaches prenatal yoga, is a birth and post partum doula, and a holistic health coach. She is currently immersed in the joys and challenges of mothering her two beautiful children, Miles and Zella.
*Photo credit Zoe Litaker

Abby Hardaway

Abby began practicing yoga in 2008 when she tagged along with her neighbor to a class at the YMCA. Since then, in both her personal practice and her classes, she has focused on linking movement with breath to connect the body and self. In 2015, Abby completed 200 hour yoga teacher training with Allison Dennis at Heart of Yoga School in Carrboro and 85 hour prenatal yoga teacher training with Andrea Dixon and Sara Doyle at Blue Point Yoga. She has always been drawn to work with women in the childbearing year because of the joyful and intense time that conception, pregnancy, birth, and early motherhood can be, which she experienced firsthand around the birth of her daughter in February 2016. Yoga has also brought her a strong sense of community, which she hopes to cultivate in her classes and is especially important for new moms and moms-to-be.
Andrea will guide mamas and their partners through a series of prenatal partner yoga poses and breath work, which will ease some of the challenges of pregnancy, be helpful in preparing for labor and can then be drawn upon during labor itself. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with your baby and partner, and celebrate this new life you are nurturing together. Bring your partner, a friend, family member or doula!