Prenatal Partner Class

Please join us each month for a special partner yoga class. This class is for pregnant women and their partner, mother, sister, friend, loved one, or anyone who wishes to support mom on her journey through pregnancy.

Andrea will guide mamas and their partners through a series of prenatal partner yoga poses and breath work, which will ease some of the challenges of pregnancy, be helpful in preparing for labor and can then be drawn upon during labor itself. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with your baby and partner, and celebrate this new life you are nurturing together. Bring your partner, a friend, family member or doula!

Upcoming Prenatal Partner Classes

Saturday, December 2, 12:30-2pm

Saturday, January 6, 12:30-2pm

Saturday, February 17, 12:30-2pm

Saturday, March 10, 12:30-2pm

COST: $20/couple

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