Bookkeeping Demystified

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Bookkeeping Demystified with Rachel Campo at Blue Point Geer Street Next held on Thu, May 11, 2017 at 6:45 pm - 8:15 pm
This enrollment runs from Thu May 11, 2017 - Thu May 25, 2017
Bookkeeping Tools for Micro to Small Business Owners
Create a bookkeeping system that works for your business!

Does bookkeeping seem like a low priority chore until it becomes a monumental task at tax time? Do you want to know how to track your business' profitability? Are you easily tracking your business expenses? We will address these topics in a three-part workshop designed specifically for small business owners. Using QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, or an Excel spreadsheet, we will set up a simple system that tracks your expenses, shows your profitability, and reduces the stress associated with paying taxes.

Week 1:
Why is this stuff important?
Setting up QBO for your business:
o Retail
o Service
o Food
Setting up Excel spreadsheet to run your finances
Charts of Accounts

Week 2:
Money In, Money out!
Lumpers and Splitters recording expenses
Paying sales tax: on what, to whom, when, and how much?
o Letting QBO handle that for you
o Tackling it in spreadsheets
Keeping your CPA happy

Week 3:
Keeping up with your transactions
Profit and loss and why you want to know about it
o Profitability
o Why your bank account balance doesn't tell you what you need to know
o Month end reports that are informative

Rachel Campo has worked with small businesses since 2012 as a bookkeeper and staff accountant. She loves helping business owners demystify their own books and empower themselves to make healthy financial decisions.
Cost: $75
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