Rachel Campo

Rachel Campo began practicing meditation and yoga in 2010 to help alleviate the stress of everyday life. Through regular practice, she experienced improvements in physical, mental, and emotional health. Yoga helped her face life's adversities with greater patience and calm. With a desire to deepen her understanding of yoga, Rachel studied with Nicole Nichols at the Republic of Yoga and completed teacher training in June 2014.
Rachel teaches an invigorating class using asana and a focus on breath to encourage students to stay with current sensations and examine habitual reactions. She believes that yoga is a practice that helps us access the balance inherent in all of us. Rachel is a firm believer that yoga is for every single body. She is a huge fan of props, assists, and helping students develop a practice that is appropriate for their bodies.

Rachel Campo instructs the following:
  • Flow Level 2
  • This class is designed for students with some familiarity with yoga. The instructor will offer a variety of modifications to encourage participation of everyone. We do sitting, standing, and inverted postures, and suggest challenging variations for more advanced students, yet fun and non-intimidating options for those who need less of a challenge!

  • Bookkeeping Demystified
  • Bookkeeping Tools for Micro to Small Business Owners
    Create a bookkeeping system that works for your business!

    Does bookkeeping seem like a low priority chore until it becomes a monumental task at tax time? Do you want to know how to track your business' profitability? Are you easily tracking your business expenses? We will address these topics in a three-part workshop designed specifically for small business owners. Using QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, or an Excel spreadsheet, we will set up a simple system that tracks your expenses, shows your profitability, and reduces the stress associated with paying taxes.

    Week 1:
    Why is this stuff important?
    Setting up QBO for your business:
    o Retail
    o Service
    o Food
    Setting up Excel spreadsheet to run your finances
    Charts of Accounts

    Week 2:
    Money In, Money out!
    Lumpers and Splitters recording expenses
    Paying sales tax: on what, to whom, when, and how much?
    o Letting QBO handle that for you
    o Tackling it in spreadsheets
    Keeping your CPA happy

    Week 3:
    Keeping up with your transactions
    Profit and loss and why you want to know about it
    o Profitability
    o Why your bank account balance doesn't tell you what you need to know
    o Month end reports that are informative

    Rachel Campo has worked with small businesses since 2012 as a bookkeeper and staff accountant. She loves helping business owners demystify their own books and empower themselves to make healthy financial decisions.
    Cost: $75